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A Key to Good Health


We all want to be healthy.  My name is Paul Schneider Jr., founder of Max-Well.
Back in 2006 I learned a major key to being healthy.

Sea minerals prevented cancer

It all started when I discovered research done by Dr. Maynard Murray. He injected carcinogens into 400 white lab mice. 200 got cancer, and 200 didn't.

What made the difference? The 200 that didn't get cancer were fed a diet grown with sea minerals.

Sea minerals prevented other diseases

Dr. Murray did numerous other animal experiments where he fed them crops grown with sea minerals.

  • Rats didn't get eye disease (the control group did)

  • Rabbits didn't get hyper tension (the control group did)

  • Other disease problems vanished in chickens and rats, and pigs stopped rooting

Peach trees that were fertilized with sea minerals didn't get curly leaf virus, turnips didn't get center rot, tomatoes didn't get mosaic virus. The control groups all did.

Zero disease in the ocean

What prompted Dr. Murray to experiment with sea minerals? It all started when he did an autopsy on various sea creatures and discovered zero disease in the ocean, while similar species of fish living in lakes and streams were riddled with disease.

Dr. Murray believed there was no disease in the ocean because sea plants and sea animals live in a perfectly balanced mineral environment. Sadly, many of the trace minerals found in the ocean are no longer available to plants growing on land.

Similarly, when Dr. Weston A. Price evaluated people groups that lived in great mountain basins where trace minerals had no chance to be washed from the soil to the sea, he found that they had very little tooth decay or other diseases. Some lived to be 120 years old. Trace minerals are that important to health.

  • Just imagine what life would be like without sickness or disease

  • Imagine feeling really good each and every day

Max-Well, Find your solutions for maximum wellness

  • You can find products that help restore missing nutrients to the soil.

  • Discover low sodium sea minerals that may be taken as a supplement.

  • You can also find supplements that contain choice seaweeds.
    Remember, seaweeds grow in a perfect mineral environment.

It is our prayer that you will find here the help you are looking for. May the Lord grant that you find maximum wellness.

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