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Detox From Heavy Metals

Detox from heavy metals, yes, get rid of them for good! There are 3 easy steps to detox your body from heavy metals and keep it clean. For me, this method has been highly effective in ridding my body of heavy metals.

How effective is it? I did a heavy metal test with Dr. Richard Olree, who I have heard speak numerous times and who is a leading authority on heavy metals and their effects on the body.

Testing for Heavy Metals

To test for heavy metals, Dr. Olree prescribes a hair test, because heavy metals are purged from the body through our hair. 

At my February 2018 consultation with Dr. Olree, he was totally amazed at the incredibly small amount of heavy metals that showed up in my hair test. He said, "You must be one of the cleanest persons in the world." Five different times during our 1/2 hour consultation he made similar statements. He could not believe what a low level of heavy metals were in my body, especially for a 60 year old.

Please understand, I still have mercury fillings in my mouth, so it is pretty amazing that I don't have high mercury levels. But I don't. I have almost no heavy metals in my body.

Why am I so clean of heavy metals? I believe it is because of the three things I do to detox from heavy metals and keep them out of my body.

1. Sea vegetables detox from heavy metals

Years ago I was speaking with a friend of mine who is an expert on sea vegetables. He told me that his sea vegetables actually detox from heavy metals better than chlorella, which I was taking at the time.

seaweedI started taking sea vegetables in 2010 and stopped taking chlorella. 

Of course, I had no way of proving to myself whether my friend was correct or not about red, brown and green sea vegetables being a great detoxer for heavy metals. However, Dr. Olree's test has proven to me what a great detox from heavy metals sea vegetables are!

Sea vegetables are an important key to detoxing heavy metals from your body!

2. Filter your water to avoid heavy metals

According to Dr. Olree, many times our drinking water is a major source of heavy metal contamination for our bodies. For the last 12 years or so I have filtered our drinking water using a KDF/GAC filter, which is especially effective at removing heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants from drinking water. The KDF/GAC filter I use is available from Amazon or the manufacturer.

Once the water is filtered, we pass it through a NAT water structuring machine. The NAT unit helps to remove the ill effects introduced by the KDF/GAC filter, plus offers numerous other benefits.

It makes water wetter, and the water is filled with life-giving biophotons. In a controlled study I did on 8 commercial chicken houses, simply structuring their water reduced chicken mortality by 50%.

Natural Action Technologies under sinkWe have an under-the-counter NAT water structuring machine. We filter the water with a KDF/GAC filter, then pass it through the NAT unit, and then up to a small filtered water faucet on the side of our sink.

For many years my wife and I have been drinking this water almost exclusively. We have glass bottles that we fill and then put in the refrigerator. I drink it at home, we carry it in the car, take it with us on vacation in gallon jugs and even carry it into the restaurant when we eat out.

We are fanatics about good drinking water. This, no doubt, is one of the reasons that I have almost no heavy metals in my body.

Frankly, I would rather not introduce heavy metals into my body in the first place rather than have to do an extra detox from heavy metals later.

Having no heavy metals can have a dramatic effect on health. By God's grace, I feel good most all the time; I practically never get sick, never get a headache; I have a lot of energy, and at 61, play two hours of grueling tennis every week with my son (By the way, I beat him about half the time).  ;-)

3. Cleanse your colon, flush out heavy metals

The 3rd part of the process is keeping your colon clean. When the colon is caked with fecal matter, the body has a hard time ridding itself of toxins (think heavy metals), and they are readily absorbed back into the body.

There are numerous colon cleanses on the market, but I have found something even better! How about a sea mineral supplement that has the side effect of cleansing the colon and then keeping it squeaky clean?

I started taking Ionic Sea Minerals in 2006 and have been taking a teaspoon a day ever since. Not only does it contain a complete buffet of wonderful sea minerals, but a teaspoon also contains 104% of the US RDA for magnesium.

Magnesium pulls water into the colon, which has the effect of flushing fecal matter from the colon wall. This is another great way to detox from heavy metals.

The day after I started taking Ionic Sea Minerals I also discovered that the magnesium in these concentrated, low sodium sea minerals is a wonderful solution for constipation.


One of my desires in life is to see health restored to our land. When we are able to detox from heavy metals, it is a huge step forward in this process.

I believe there is a link between autism and heavy metals, so getting rid of heavy metals is one of the steps necessary to help reverse autism.

I hope the above information will help you towards a healthier, happier life. May God bless you and bring you His peace.

By Paul Schneider Jr

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